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  2. How to use or install it

    First close all your applications and startup items.
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    WiFi Password Eraser (SX WiFi Password Eraser) — Software designed to help you find your WiFi password and/or remove your password,

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    True Colors is another alternative. It’s a standalone Win7 tool for editing the Windows Color Scheme.

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  4. On a side note, there are extensions that can also be used to prevent subdomains from generating data. For example, a subdomain block can be achieved by using the uBlock Origin browser extension with the Domains Tab disabled. Nevertheless, there will be zero tracking data produced. However, this will only affect the subdomain and not the parent domain.

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    OmniStealth, a Windows anti-malware application by computer software company F-Secure, also includes

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  5. It is rounded out with many other features including a resonant oscillator for wild sustain sounds, and a choice of classic analog reverb effects.

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    • Control and restrict computers in your LAN.
    • Automatically collect screenshots and videos.
    • Monitor who is working on a certain PC.



    User friendliness


    I use this software to control your laptops – mainly employees at two office locations. This software has many features plus the potential for many many more.

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  9. ■ Runs silently from your registry.
    ■ Target system change or remove of boot, OCX, MSI, and ActiveX controls are supported.
    ■ Specify both outbound and reverse outbound connections.
    ■ Allow/disable custom group icons.
    ■ A wide variety of custom icons are included.
    ■ In Stealth mode, the user’s desktop cannot be seen.
    RCBypass is coded in C with MFC

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    This is the first in a complete DataWorks series. It includes the following titles:
    • DataWorks – Logistic Regression
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    Ease of Use


    RapydMark is a multi-threaded 3D application benchmarking tool.

    RapydMark is a multi-threaded 3D application benchmarking tool.

    PCMark 7 results are very good. All 3 tests score more than 65, thus surpassing the industry standard. You can easily identify that reading through the test

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  12. Right-click on the desktop and open any file from its shortcut, to get a stylish icon in the taskbar. The collection can be organized by games and board types.

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    Windows P2P VPN Client – Advanced transfer options – connection networks freeware for all global users.

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    The library does very little configuration, for you, but needs little more to a work out of the box. It is developed as a generic GSM library capable of providing the communication as well as the generation and parsing of SMs (short message) and MSNs (multimedia message services) messages.

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    Self Management for Bad Sleep Habits

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    TextWrangler is a complete and easy-to-use text editing system that enables you to convert Microsoft Text documents to and from various other formats. It allows you to save Text documents (both Text and Unicode) in many encodings and formats. The supported formats include ASCII, Unicode, Unicode BigEndian only, XML, TXT, HTML, CSV, CHM,
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